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Chris is an amazingly insightful coach!  She quickly uncovered an out-dated identity I was living with and we worked together to release that identity and bring in one better suited for me now.

She was professional, patient, nurturing, and challenged me to stretch and step into more. 

She was wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her services.

Gloria Payoyo, Destiny Activator

Chris Picone has revolutionised my life. Initially, I was unaware of how impactful and enlightening this could be.

My initial aim was to gain clarity on things that may be holding me back or causing my anxiety in my life and discuss how I could help me, to help myself.

Since we have worked together, my outlook on life has become 100% more positive and Chris has equipped me with the knowledge and the insight to make life just as I would like it.

The highlights of working with Chris are the moments in time when she makes you see sense through her guidance through your own answers, almost likened to having an epiphany.

Chris is very masterful at this process.

Jill McIntyre, Melbourne

I came to coaching, and to Chris, wanting to achieve a work/life balance. I wanted to enjoy the time I spent with my husband and son, rather than always being distracted by what needed to be completed at the office.

To me this also meant finding a sense of inner calm.

Conversations with Chris were relaxed and at times entertaining.

I am now able to be more in the moment with my son and husband. I regularly go on dates with my husband and spend half days with my son with the phone turned off. This has meant that I haven’t felt as impatient and distracted and I now enjoy my time with them more.

Since spending time with Chris I now enjoy time alone daily, I have also taken a 5 week holiday from my work and clients, and now book and enjoy time at a day spa by myself 4 times a year.

Overall the end result is that I feel happier, less stressed and very grateful for the ones that I love.

Thank you Chris.

Kate, Architect

I was seeking to be more focussed, attain clarity and acquire the tools to propel my business to the next level.

During the time I have been working with Chris I have gained insight into my own thought processes and how I am shaped by them. I have been challenged to move beyond how I believe things to be and move towards an open minded future.

Letting go of past experiences has assisted me to grow as a business owner and an individual. The business is now orderly and there are systems in place now that allow us to be more productive.

The ability to motivate and relate to my staff has seen an improvement in the work culture and environment, promoting an attitude of success and recognition of achievement.

As an individual I am happier, more relaxed and optimistic about the future. I am clearer when talking with others about my business, what we offer and how we can assist people.

The insights I have gained during my time with Chris have taught me to be more realistic about expectations and look to the processes for guidance – like a road map for success. Chris has shown me how to open the door to success, to not be afraid and face challenges head on.

I find myself recommending Chris to people regularly. I cannot speak highly enough of her for the help she has given me to reach for the stars…I say, work with Chris, she will walk with you, show you the way and give you the confidence and tools to set yourself free.

Andrea Harris-Poddi, Photographer

I approached Chris when I was at a crossroad in my life. My focus was on making changes regarding my career, personal relationships and certain behaviours I felt were limiting me achieving my goals.

With guidance from Chris I was able to implement practical strategies and achieve the results I desired. Chris is very attentive and intuitive in her approach.

I highly recommend Chris!

Natalie McDonald, Makeup and Hair Specialist

I first saw Chris because I wanted to experience what it would be like to undertake coaching by an experienced Mindset Strategist.

I was also looking for assistance to identify areas and beliefs that might hold me back from establishing a business.

Chris used some great strategies to firmly embed both short and long term goals and outcomes. I can highly recommend Chris.

Alison Copley, Executive and Leadership Coach

If you’re like most successful Female Execs, and in fact like all of my female clients, you’re absolutely done with the grind and hustle, the relentless chaos of life. On the outside, you’ve got all your shizz together, people respect and admire you, even commenting, “I don’t know how you do it!” 

Let’s be honest. It might look like that on the outside, but on the inside, you’re struggling to keep it all together, get everything done, and keep all the wheels in motion so nothing falls apart and so that you keep everyone happy…your family, your team, your CEO, all your relationships. If you knew how to unravel all this complexity yourself, you would have done it by now. It’s time to inspire Your Authentic Voice, to Give Yourself Permission to reclaim your mental, physical and emotional freedom, Gorgeous.                                          

This is your invitation to skip the next ten years of wondering where it will all end, when you will finally get a break, or how long before that niggling health condition takes over. Be mentored by someone who has been where you are now and knows how to break free today. Why not open yourself to some serious feminine power, love and guidance to enrich your life, business and relationships and heal your soul, health issues and all that mental and emotional drama?                             

Here’s how I’m different from other coaches. I am not only a Queen Strategist, but a qualified Human Behaviour Practitioner, Advisor and Confidante. 

I will help you fall in LOVE with the pace and flow that brings the delicious, flagrant desserts of life, relationships and business…the simplicity and inner peace that comes with leading with grace and ease. I will design your strategy to eliminate the incessant pain and dramatically cut your working week, while you achieve more and claim what you are truly deserving of. I will laser in on what’s keeping you tied to your paradigms and beliefs so we can rewrite them and you can experience a LUSH, LIT-UP, sustainable life and juicy relationships that fulfil YOU. I will work with you to articulate your needs and desires in such a way that your AUTHENTICITY is AMPLIFIED. 

You will come alive as you, and others, dance to the music of YOUR own score.

The world is waiting for you to Give Yourself Permission, Gorgeous.

Screaming into her 30’s with complete fear for her future of being a spinster without even a cat for company, Chris realised that life must be a whole lot easier and far more passionate and joyful than what she was experiencing.

She embarked on a self development journey that has led her to be known and described as courageous and adventurous in life, relationships and business.

Then, in 2014, five years into her coaching practice, having been in a constant state of physical and emotional exhaustion for over three years, she experienced a triple serving of grief as her business crashed and relationships failed.

Searching to end the pain, she indulged in too many winter weekends lying in bed with hot tea and jam on toast. During that time she formulated her strategy with which to ensure the women she serves learn how to unleash their authentic voice, reclaim their power and command their true worth.

Her purpose is to ignite and inspire in women the same ecstatic joy she experiences daily through an increased sense of self awareness and an understanding of what’s most important in life; Self Love (and a loving puppy).

Chris now enjoys a simple yet rich, love-filled and fulfilling life.

She does this in great company with her gorgeous posse of friends, family, business community and her delightfully disobedient Toy Cavoodle Esmeralda. Together they can be found walking the colourful and ecclectic streets and parks of Melbourne, bringing love and smiles to everyone they cross paths with.

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